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By | July 19, 2017

Meesaya Murrukku hd Video songs

Meesaya Murukku Video Songs Review

Meesaya Murukku is the up and coming Tamil film composed, coordinated by Hiphop Tamizha.And new comer Aathmika as a female lead role.Comedy actor Vivek plays important role in this movie and Vijaya Lakshmi playing supporting role in this film. Produced by Sundar C. The film highlights Hiphop Tamizha Adhi as the legend and the motion picture is set to be founded on his and the group’s genuine occasions and their excursion into Tamil silver screen  on  21st July 2017

Independent musician is rare in the Tamil cinema hip-hop  Tamizha Aadhi is an inspiration for all those independent musicians. And the movie will surely be an inspiration for people with such aspiration for youngsters, Hip Hop Tamizha has become a much popular personality beyond the boundaries of cinema through his magnanimous participation for Jallikattu ordinance protest.Because Jallikattu is a one of the traditional game in Tamilnadu.

Meesaya Murukku Tracks

Meesaya murukku movie containing 7 tracks, these are

“Sait Ji” Hip Hop Tamizha
“Machi Enggalukku Ellam” Hiphop Tamizha
“Enna Nadanthalum” Kaushik Krish, Hip Hop Tamizha
“Maatikichu” Mahalingam, Hip Hop Tamizha
“Vaadi Nee Vaadi” Hip Hop Tamizha
“Meesaya Murrukku Title Track” Kareshma Ravichandran, Hiphop Tamizha
“Sakkarakatti” Hip Hop Tamizha

Meesaya Murukku Songs

Meesya Murukku is a title track for this film this song sing by Karishma Ravichandran and Hiphop Tamizha this song has three minutes and fifty-one second’s length, song about encouraging and motivating youngster

Enna Nadanthalum is one of the songs in this movie. This song has four minutes and 11 seconds is the special tune video discharged by the group and the poignancy is delightfully composed and created by Hiphop Tamizha and Kaushik Krishnan. Kannala Kannala song fame Kaushik Krishnan join with hip hop Tamizha in this film.

Song lyrics starting with above lines is about hero’s lost his love due to the love towards his but deep down he always wanted to succeed in his dream and then win her scenes look neatly made and Adhi looks manly with his mustache like a Tamil poet Bharathiyar and varying his emotion between a happy lover sad but motivated musician

 Machi Engaluku Ellam song was sing by hip hop Tamizha. the song has two minutes and twenty-six seconds .this  is one of the famous songs in this film. this song about love and encourage the youngster in their real life.

Maatikichu song sing by Mahalingam and Hip-hop Tamizha this is one of the best songs in this film tone and elements of music in this song was awesome.

Sait jii, Sakkarakatti, Vaadi Nee Vaadi are the remaining songs in this film.All the three song sing by Hip hop Tamizha their self, Music elements have come nicely manner. Khareshma voice is also well utilized and blended with the raw and loud vocals of Hip hop Tamizha.Here is a good use of electronic music and auto tune in this movie.Hip hop has mentioned a lot of independent artists and rappers names at a glance.

All the songs will be appreciated by the audience some songs are viral in social medias, overall music will full fill the audience needs.

Meesaya Murukku HD Video Songs

Sakarakatti Video Song

Maatikichu Video Song

Vaadi Nee Vaa Video Song

Machi Engalukku Video Song

Enna Nadanthalum Video Song

Meesaya Murrukku Title Track

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